Left. Right. Breathe. Episode #1 – Zach Bohannon

Zach Bohannon

Some people you instantly connect with when you have a conversation with them. Zach Bohannon is one of those guys for me. He is intelligent, engaging and passionate. He has also accomplished a tremendous amount in the past few years, not the least of which is losing 115 pounds. Definitely no small feat.

As an obesity survivor, Zach has dedicated himself to educating others on holistic ways to eat, work out, lose weight and just generally live a healthy lifestyle.  He does this as a personal trainer for Life Fitness Academy in Nashville, TN and as a blogger on his personal site I Once Was Fat But Now I See. He is also the author I Once Was Fat But Now I See: A Basic Guide to Weight Loss Through Holistic Living and contributes to several other health and fitness sites on the web.

Zach is the perfect first guest for the podcast because he emulates all of things that I hope to convey: he teaches small actionable steps to changing habits, he gives back to those who are trying to overcome the same obstacles he did and he is passionate and knowledgeable.

Some of things Zach and I discuss in this podcast are:

1) How he kicked an addiction to soda and kick-started his weight loss by doing a juicing reboot.

2)  The pros and cons of calorie counting.

3) Some of the obstacles he had to overcome in his weight loss journey.

4) The benefits of foods like raw milk and raw chocolate.

5) Some of the falsehoods and misconceptions that are purveyed by the diet and fitness industry.

6) The importance of reading food labels and what you can learn by paying attention to them.

7) Why he decided to become a personal trainer and what he hopes to accomplish in the industry.

8) Why he decided to write a book, what the book is about and what the writing process was like for him.

9) How making one small change at a time can lead to dramatic results in the long run.

10) The importance of making clear-cut goals and writing them down.

11) Some things that obese or overweight people can do to get started with exercise.

12) Some of the common misconceptions surrounding exercise and strength training.

13) What projects he is currently working on and has planned for the future.

14) How his wife has helped him on his journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

15) How you can get in touch with him. (links below)



Zach Bohannon On the Web

Zach’s Blog – I Once Was Fat But Now I See

Zach’s Book - I Once Was Fat But Now I See: A Basic Guide to Weight Loss Through Holistic Living

Zach on FaceBook – Zach Bohannon Fitness

Zach on Twitter –  @zachbohannon32

Zach on Instagram – @zachbohannon

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